Thursday, March 21, 2013

High heeled paper shoes


A couple a weeks ago my dad gave me the cutest high heeled shoe...made of paper.
He told me he'd made a few of these, filled them with some chocolate bonbons, put it on the chocolate box, wrapped it with transparant foil and gave it away as a present. My dad is really the (paper)craftsman in our family !

And because he knows I also like to make quick and easy gifts he made me a handdrawn template.  My husband, who has a lot more patience than I do to figure out drawing programs, finetuned it in Illustrator. It was the first template he ever draw and I think he really did a great job ! So it is a  family project after all !

Once you get started making these shoes it becomes an addiction. In less than 10 minutes you've  finished one. While your crafting, more and more ideas come up and you want to make them all.

Wanna give it a try ? Click here to download the template. ( If you have any problems downloading please contact).

Cut the lines and fold the dotted ones. Glue the heel and and insert the two pieces at the front of the shoe into eachother. Than use your imagination to decorate your shoe with colourful ribbons, stars, flowers, stones and so on.

Also made a cute little paper peetoe ? I'm really curious so please share !!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colourful placemats from scratch

Do you  also have lots of fabric left over of your sewing projects ? Dig in your boxes or baskets, pick out the ones with the brightest colours. Also find some colourful yarn, ribbons and shiny buttons. With paint and stamps you can make the cutest decorations.

I used a cake doily in the middle, put a bit of paint on a brush and tap on the doily. Once removed you'll see a nice “plate”.
Cut fabrics in shape of a spoon, knife or fork and stitch them on a rectangular piece of material with for instance knitting yarn or embroidering thread.
Use buttons and ribbons for decoratation. If your making placemats with young children you can use glue instead of sewing the ribbons and fabrics.