Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Heart Torch

Surprise your loved ones with a heart shaped torch.


Which man didn't collect branches when he was a kid.
Even our own son couldn't decide which were his 110 most favourites when we asked him to bring some back to the woods.
He must have been about six years old when he had a crush on a cute girl in his class. For her he would give up at least one and together we made this great candle. On Valentine's day, even before breakfast, he climbed on his little bike and brought her his first DIY candle. Eversince we made several of these torches because it's a really cool thing to do; melting candle leftovers on a stove, using sticks and making things for your loved ones you can set on fire.
So if you have a son who's in love or a daughter who loves hearts or you just want to get rid of some branches you can make this cool torch. And if not... drag your children, friend or husband ( like I did ) outside for a walk in search of some wood.
All you need is love.... and;
- candle leftovers
- fuse
- jars
- old pan
- branches
- 2 heart shaped egg molds
- knife
- tray
- wax paper
Cut the candle leftovers in pieces, so they fit in the jar. Put the jar in an old pan with water and heat it on a stove just below boiling point.
As soon as the wax is melted you can fill the heart molds.  You can also make one at the time if you only have one mold. Be careful the wax can be very hot ! I usually wait until the wax stold a bit, so it doesn't drop over the kitchen sink. For the same reason I also put the glass tray, my working space, into the freezer before I use it .
If you cover the tray with wax paper you can easily remove the candles. When the heartshapes are filled wait a while and then push them gently out of the mold. At that time they still have to be a bit soft because you'll have to carve a line for the fuse and make some space for the branch.
Put the fuse and branch into place. Then spread some melted candle grease on one of the hearts and put the other heart on top. Finally put a little bit of weight on the two hearts so they can melt together.
On the 2nd picture above you can see candle wax drops. I've used them before to melt the two hearts together, but this time I tried the melted wax which was already in the jar, and it works out a lot better ! 
 Attach a card and make somebody happy !