Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tree Transformation # 2


Upcycle your chopped tree into a rustic design lamp.

Use a slice of wood for the base.


The copper along with the wooden slice makes the lamp look very robustic. Due to corrosion the copper will turn green after some time, and makes your lamp kind of alive.

Then make a stand from copper pipes. Use compression fittings to make the angles. They’re quick and easy to use, and require no special tools.

 To make it look even more masculine use a cord from an old electric razor.




Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tree Transformation # 1

When we moved in here there was a tree next to our house just reaching the roofgutter. Last year, about ten years later, it was almost 32 feet (10 metres) above that gutter and way above our roof. Although we made a lot of Christmas bouquets of it, the tree took away too much sunlight and since our garden isn’t that big we decided to chop it down.

To keep the memory of the tree alive we made a few small tables of it which can be used outdoors. The tablelegs are made of iron. Some look very delicate and fragile and some robustic and medeviel.



So if you also have a tree that has to be chopped for whatever reason, and you’re secretly a bit emotionally attached to it, this might be an idea !

Thursday, March 21, 2013

High heeled paper shoes


A couple a weeks ago my dad gave me the cutest high heeled shoe...made of paper.
He told me he'd made a few of these, filled them with some chocolate bonbons, put it on the chocolate box, wrapped it with transparant foil and gave it away as a present. My dad is really the (paper)craftsman in our family !

And because he knows I also like to make quick and easy gifts he made me a handdrawn template.  My husband, who has a lot more patience than I do to figure out drawing programs, finetuned it in Illustrator. It was the first template he ever draw and I think he really did a great job ! So it is a  family project after all !

Once you get started making these shoes it becomes an addiction. In less than 10 minutes you've  finished one. While your crafting, more and more ideas come up and you want to make them all.

Wanna give it a try ? Click here to download the template. ( If you have any problems downloading please contact).

Cut the lines and fold the dotted ones. Glue the heel and and insert the two pieces at the front of the shoe into eachother. Than use your imagination to decorate your shoe with colourful ribbons, stars, flowers, stones and so on.

Also made a cute little paper peetoe ? I'm really curious so please share !!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colourful placemats from scratch

Do you  also have lots of fabric left over of your sewing projects ? Dig in your boxes or baskets, pick out the ones with the brightest colours. Also find some colourful yarn, ribbons and shiny buttons. With paint and stamps you can make the cutest decorations.

I used a cake doily in the middle, put a bit of paint on a brush and tap on the doily. Once removed you'll see a nice “plate”.
Cut fabrics in shape of a spoon, knife or fork and stitch them on a rectangular piece of material with for instance knitting yarn or embroidering thread.
Use buttons and ribbons for decoratation. If your making placemats with young children you can use glue instead of sewing the ribbons and fabrics.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Heart Torch

Surprise your loved ones with a heart shaped torch.


Which man didn't collect branches when he was a kid.
Even our own son couldn't decide which were his 110 most favourites when we asked him to bring some back to the woods.
He must have been about six years old when he had a crush on a cute girl in his class. For her he would give up at least one and together we made this great candle. On Valentine's day, even before breakfast, he climbed on his little bike and brought her his first DIY candle. Eversince we made several of these torches because it's a really cool thing to do; melting candle leftovers on a stove, using sticks and making things for your loved ones you can set on fire.
So if you have a son who's in love or a daughter who loves hearts or you just want to get rid of some branches you can make this cool torch. And if not... drag your children, friend or husband ( like I did ) outside for a walk in search of some wood.
All you need is love.... and;
- candle leftovers
- fuse
- jars
- old pan
- branches
- 2 heart shaped egg molds
- knife
- tray
- wax paper
Cut the candle leftovers in pieces, so they fit in the jar. Put the jar in an old pan with water and heat it on a stove just below boiling point.
As soon as the wax is melted you can fill the heart molds.  You can also make one at the time if you only have one mold. Be careful the wax can be very hot ! I usually wait until the wax stold a bit, so it doesn't drop over the kitchen sink. For the same reason I also put the glass tray, my working space, into the freezer before I use it .
If you cover the tray with wax paper you can easily remove the candles. When the heartshapes are filled wait a while and then push them gently out of the mold. At that time they still have to be a bit soft because you'll have to carve a line for the fuse and make some space for the branch.
Put the fuse and branch into place. Then spread some melted candle grease on one of the hearts and put the other heart on top. Finally put a little bit of weight on the two hearts so they can melt together.
On the 2nd picture above you can see candle wax drops. I've used them before to melt the two hearts together, but this time I tried the melted wax which was already in the jar, and it works out a lot better ! 
 Attach a card and make somebody happy !